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I have posted 2 of the planned destinations on our Facebook Group in an effort to build enthusiasm and give an idea of the type of areas we want you to enjoy. I’ll recap the first 2 now, and offer up the 3rd site to keep your interest high 🙂

First Revealed – Washington

The first one revealed was the Gold Star Memorial located in Forks, WA. There is a lot of good riding no matter how you decide to approach this location. Forks has an interesting background as the setting of a popular series of vampire movies, but at its heart it is just a small coastal town with a small town feel. Here’s the snippet from the destination guide all registered riders will have access to.

An example of the way you can expect the destination guide to present the information.

As you can see, we plan to provide the GPS coordinates as well as a description of the object and the requirements for a successful picture (in this case the notes say to get a picture of the memorial with your bike and flag present). We will spend more time on how to take a good picture that includes all required elements in another post. You really just need to read the notes! Here’s a picture of the memorial from last year’s Tour of Honor. Yes, that is my ride 🙂

By the way, use this link if you would like to learn more about the Gold Star Memorial.

And use this link if you would like to learn more about the Tour of Honor motorcycle ride.

The Gold Star Memorial located in Forks, Washington.

Second Revealed – Oregon

The second destination I revealed was located west of Bend in the Cascade mountains. I absolutely love this area of Oregon! Warm and dry during the summer months, the area around Bend has plenty of good motorcycling roads to choose from. And Bend offers a wide variety of places to eat, sleep and be merry when the time is right 🙂

The Dee Wright Observatory serves as the destination.

As you can see from the Notes on this destination, I will offer advice when it is appropriate. Disclaimer – you are responsible for your own safety. I work hard to find locations that offer a safe place to park and snap a picture, but you are the “boots on the ground”, and thus must make decisions in your own best interests.

The Dee Wright Observatory is located in some of the best riding available in Oregon.

This highway crosses the Cascade Range between Mt Washington and the South Sister, and the views are absolutely magnificent. This road is like a few others I have planned in that you need to check to see when it opens. It is seasonally open and you will not likely be able to visit this destination until sometime after the rally starts – it could be as late as July!

Third Revealed – Idaho

This 3rd destination is a new reveal! Idaho is one of my favorite riding areas. The state is so varied in topography that endless options exist. Flat and rocky, mountains, lakes and rivers – it has it all! US-95 between Boise and Lewiston is a particularly desolate area that is famous for very warm (hot?) weather in the summer months. The destination along US-95 we have planned for this area is a very popular put-in location for week long raft trips of the Salmon River.

Hells Canyon along US-95.
Hells Canyon – the name just says hot!

White Bird, Idaho is a very small community that caters to the outdoor crowd. Head south towards Riggins and follow the canyon carved by the Salmon River. Head North towards Lewiston and you quickly leave the river behind and travel up and down rolling mountains.

We might give you another teaser in the coming weeks. The entire destination guide will be released at the end of February on this web site. At that point there are no more teasers, just day dreams about rides to come 🙂

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