PNW Grand Tour

4/1/22 – 9/30/22

A motorcycle grand tour of beautiful locations throughout the Pacific Northwest.

We’re back! The first year was a success and we are ready to bring year 2 to life. Visit as many locations as you like from a selection in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and portions of Western Montana and Northern California. Yes, I dropped northern Nevada from the list. There will be 3 in California and 3 in Montana this year.

The tour is primarily focused on getting riders out to explore some of the natural beauty found in our corner of the nation. So, do you want to take part? Take a look at the rules page (there are not that many of them) and if you like what you see, use the registration button at the bottom of the rules page to sign up via Ride Master. A note from last year – read the guidelines for the rally! Ask questions if you don’t understand.

How does PNW GT work? A list of locations will be provided electronically to registered riders before the tour starts (likely later than last year). GPS coordinates will provide the location of an object at the location to get you as close as possible. Ride to the object and take a picture with your bike and provided rally flag included and send the picture to the tour via e-mail when convenient. Pictures will be scored as time allows and riders can expect to receive a response letting them know their efforts were accepted. The tour plans to maintain a simple status page that can be checked for completeness.

The registration fee for 2022 will be $22. We are also asking for an optional donation that will be given to a local YMCA to help them continue community programs. They do a tremendous amount of work in the community, and not one penny of our donations goes towards infrastructure or salaries – it all benefits families in need. Together we raised over $1,750 last year!

About the registration fee: our priority is to keep costs as low as possible, but it does cost a little bit to mail things and maintain a simple website. Additionally, health guidelines permitting, we would like to host a get-together sometime during the season. More to follow on this, but expect a small surcharge to help fund food and drinks.

Our goal is get you out on your bike on some of the most beautiful roads in the country! Review the tour guidelines, sign up and enjoy the ride!