It’s Been a Busy Week!

The rally is now up to 83 registered riders as I write this post! It has been a very exciting week watching the electronic and mail registrations arrive. I want to express my gratitude to those of you willing to take the leap of faith that this event will be a good time. I can promise you that I am doing everything I can to make sure that is possible!

So what else is happening in PNW Grand Tour this past week?

  • Stickers are ordered, and if I believe my e-mail from this morning, they are in the mail to me.
  • Rally flag design has been finalized and the flags are ordered. They should arrive in plenty of time to get in the mail by March 1st as promised. The flag is the most expensive part of the rally, and probably the one thing riders will hang on to from the rally, so we wanted to get it right. I think you will be very happy with the flag design!
  • The 30 destinations are picked and we are going through the process of proofing them to make sure you have an enjoyable experience. I plan to e-mail them to you at the end of February and will post them on this web site as well.

Hopefully that will keep you interested for another week or so until I can post some teaser pictures of the stickers applied to a matte blue FJR someone left in my garage 🙂

Finally, I have been working hard behind the scenes to improve the website design and improve user experience. The big improvements I want to implement are the ability to register and pay from the website without having to print, fill out and mail/email. And based on some samples of handwriting I have received, it will be a better experience for me as well…LOL. No changes yet – keep this bookmarked as the official site.

Feel free to leave some feedback as you find the time. I added a contact form to the “Contact Us” page to make it easier to provide comments.

My plan next week is to provide you some examples and tips for taking your pictures at the destinations and then getting them to us at the rally. Stay tuned!


    1. Thanks, Jean! I think riding to some of these destinations with another rider will only make the experience more enjoyable with great memories created! Check out our Facebook group – over 450 members and growing. I’m sure other riders feel the same way that you do and would be happy to make plans.

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