Final Teaser (#6) – Lowman, Idaho

First off, I will be out of touch for the next week. I plan to post up the full location listing when I get back, and also plan to assign flag numbers to new riders (and the couple of you who asked for new numbers) when I get back. I will also upload the sample images and a GPX file (for you GPS users). The only things you will be missing are your flag (mid-March) and April 1st to arrive!

Final teaser (#6) – Lowman, Idaho. Oh, boy! I picked this location to allow some of you the opportunity to even out the wear on your tires…if you decide to come up from the Boise area on state highway 21, you will be very tired when you get there! It is constant curves, many of the them tight and technical. If that is too much, and sometimes it can be, come in from the west on Banks Lowman Road (county highway 17) – it is still fun, but way less technical.

Give yourself some time to enjoy the area, it is stunning.

N 44.08078, W 115.61971

Tim and Tim visited Lowman in 2020 as part of the North by Northwest rally.

Teaser #5 – California Dreaming

Located on the north wall of the former Surprise Valley Drugstore in Cedarville, CA is a Coca Cola mural painted over a plaster face that covers the original brick building underneath. The brick building itself is very old and historical looking and looks like a building that’s been there since the late 1800s. The artist has put the size of the mural as a ’16 x 24′ and with a date of Oct, 1946.

There isn’t much about northern California that isn’t worth riding 🙂

N 41.529500, W 120.172183

This location brought to you courtesy of Dale Wilson!

Teaser #4 – Montana

Teaser #4 – this location will take you out to western Montana for a visit to Big Hole National Battlefield. There is good riding in every direction! The site was closed last year (sad) because it was being used as a staging area for fire fighting efforts, but should be open again this year. At 6,000+ feet, this is one you will probably want to plan later in the season.

The GPS coordinates are at the entrance sign off of MT-43. That is where you will take your picture so that you don’t have to pay to get in, but feel free to stop and enjoy a visit, too 🙂

GPS – N 45.6359, W 113.6435

Big Hole National Battlefield in western Montana.